Welcome to the universe of Galactic Dreams,

where fairy tales are reimagined for a new age—the future.

In each Galactic Dreams novella you’ll find an old tale reborn with a mixture of romance, technology, aliens and adventure. But beware, a perilous quest awaits behind every star and getting home again will depend on a good spaceship, true love, and maybe just a hint of magic.

Galactic Dreams is a unique series of science-fiction novellas from Blue Zephyr Press featuring retellings of classic tales from different authors, all sharing the same universe, technology, and history.

Galactic Dreams Volume 3

The Beast of Arsu (Beauty & the Beast) – Bethany Maines

When Bella Glass is thrown a 140 years into the future she finds a world she doesn’t recognize and love in Kai Craig, a man fighting against the effects of a bomb that turns him into a rage-filled beast. But someone else has traveled into the past and Bella must choose between preventing a devastating alteration of the timeline and a love she was never meant to have.

Trail of Stardust (Hansel & Gretel) – J.M. Phillippe

When the Hexx siblings, Rax and Lex, are attacked by their malevolent step-mother they flee into space hoping to leave behind a family legacy of hatred. But a damaged spacecraft throws them from the frying pan into the oven. Captured by pirates, Lex and Rax are facing certain death and the only way out is to rely on each other, but what will be waiting for them at home?

Break the Sky (Jack & the Beanstalk) – Karen Harris Tully

When Jakarta “Jak” Moon climbed up the giant elevator that leads to the low-orbiting space station above her irradiated planet, she has one goal—don’t die. But when she returns to the ground, she finds herself targeted by the winged-dictator known as the Godmother. Now Jak must climb through the clouds and bring back the treasures the Godmother craves or she, and her planet, could face destruction.

Galactic Dreams Volume 1

Soldier, Princess, Rebel Spy (Mulan) – Karen Harris Tully

Ruled by the Royals from their distant moon, colony planet Lyric labors under the burden of outrageous tithes and a deadly plague. Rebel soldier, Wei Meilin experienced both struggles first-hand when, unable to pay the tithe and purchase the cure, her family was destroyed by the plague. Meilin survived, but not without receiving a powerful plague “gift” all her own. Now she’s out for revenge and to dethrone cruel Empress Ming-Zhu. But when Meilin infiltrates the gilded moon palace disguised as a bride candidate for annoyingly handsome Prince Cormorin, she discovers that he may not be the monster she thinks, and the Rebels may be aligned with a force that will end them all.

Aurora One (Sleeping Beauty) – J.M. Phillippe

Chavri Aisling should have died on her naming day. Instead, after being poisoned during an assassination attempt, she lives her life hiding behind masks, veils, and force-fields, never able to share the same air as anyone else. But the princess of Moarga Province is determined not to let her illness stop her from finding the one thing her planet desperately needs—metal that can be used to make more space ships so that her people can find the other lost colonies of Earth. Her search takes her into an unexplored corner of her solar system where a terrifying discovery leaves her frozen. Resuscitated by the least-likely “prince” over three generations later, Chavri has one chance to save what’s left of Moarga from invasion, and the love of her life from a fate worse than death

When Stars Take Flight (Thumbelina) – Bethany Maines

Alliance Ambassador Lina Tum-Bel knows she’s up against a galaxy full of trouble as she attempts to rebuild the Interstellar Alliance, but she never thought a simple mission to reconnect with the space bases of Nebula Six would have her fleeing for her life with an army behind her. Kidnapped by the To’Andans, tortured by the Moliter, and rescued by Sparrow Pandion—the spy who hides a secret pain—Lina must battle for her freedom, her survival and her heart. Her training says that she can’t trust her handsome rescuer, but her telepathic gift says there is no one she can trust more. Maybe together, she and Sparrow can learn to fly.

Galactic Dreams Volume 2

The Little Nebula (The Little Mermaid) – Karen Harris Tully

Luminous, the most active nebula in the solar system, loves Earth. She loves its reckless tiny humans and their vibrant attempts at self-improvement. But when mysterious alien travelers arrive and all signs point to a system-devastating nuclear war, Luminous makes a desperate deal with the being who inhabits dark Planet IX to become human. Now Luminous and handsome Prince Nik are racing to prevent a war that seems inevitable and create a peace that may cost them not only their new found love, but their lives.

The Glitter of Gold (Rumplestiltskin) – J.M. Phillippe

Gwynn Flaxenhart is a farmer’s daughter stuck on her family’s space-station algae farm, dreaming about a bigger life as a renowned scientist. Aderyn Ryder is a corporate spy who trades information to help her family. Once close, the two cousins were torn apart when Addy betrayed Gwynn’s trust. But when Gwynn’s desperate deal with a mysterious stranger unlocks a chain of events that could result in the death of millions of people across the galaxy, the two cousins must find a way to put their past behind them and work together to stop an evil mastermind.

The Seventh Swan (Six Swans) – Bethany Maines – A Book Excellence Award-Winner

Keelia Black, seventh child of the Swan Clan, has been captured, silenced and imprisoned by Fang Nazari, undisputed queen of a fantastical asteroid base. Keelia’s only hope for escape may be Jericho Nazari the step-son of her captor.  But Jericho, forced to mine for a malevolent artifact by Fang, fears that they are pitted against a fearsome evil that will drive Keelia mad. For Keelia and Jericho the only chance at freedom may be battling being powerful enough to destroy the universe. The Swan Clan is searching for them, but for the Seventh Swan it might not be enough.