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Welcome to the universe of Galactic Dreams,

where fairy tales are reimagined for a new age—the future.

In each Galactic Dreams novella you’ll find an old tale reborn with a mixture of romance, technology, aliens and adventure. But beware, a perilous quest awaits behind every star and getting home again will depend on a good spaceship, true love, and maybe just a hint of magic. Galactic Dreams is a unique series of science-fiction novellas featuring retellings of classic fairy tales, all sharing the same universe, technology, and history.

Soldier, Princess, Rebel Spy – (Mulan) by Karen Harris Tully Colony planet Lyric is ruled by the Royals from their distant moon, but Wei Meilin and the rebels want to end the reign of cruel Empress Ming-Zhu and destroy the system that keeps them in destitute subjugation. Meilin infiltrates the moon base and palace disguised as a potential bride for annoyingly handsome Prince Cormorin. But soon Meilin discovers that the Prince may not be the monster she thinks and the rebels may be aligned with an evil that will end them all.

When Stars Take Flight – (Thumbelina) by Bethany MainesKidnapped by the To’Andans, tortured by the Moliter, and rescued by Sparrow Pandion—a spy who hides a secret pain—Alliance Ambassador Lina Tum-Bel is up against a galaxy full of trouble as she attempts to rebuild the Interstellar Alliance. Her training says that she can’t trust her handsome rescuer, but maybe together, she and Sparrow can learn to fly.

Aurora One – (Sleeping Beauty) by J.M. PhillippeChavri Aisling should have died on her naming day. Instead, after being poisoned during an assassination attempt, she lives her life hiding behind masks, veils, and force-fields, never able to share the same air as anyone else. But the princess of Moarga Province is determined not to let her illness stop her from finding the one thing her planet desperately needs—metal that can be used to make more space ships so that her people can find the other lost colonies of Earth. Her search takes her into an unexplored corner of her solar system where a terrifying discovery leaves her frozen. Resuscitated by the least-likely prince over three generations later, Chavri has one chance to save what’s left of Moarga from invasion, and the love of her life from a fate worse than death.